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Basic Stock Market Principles
Imagine that you run a bakery. Your bakery uses the secret recipies of your late, great grandmother Laura. Business is slow when you start out, but customers love your doughnuts and muffins, and you begin to increase operations. Very soon you are flooded with orders and you just cannot keep    Read More..
Investing in the Stock Market
Over the past few years the stock market has made substantial declines. Some short term investors have lost a good bit of money. Many new stock market investors look at this and become very skeptical about getting in now.If you are considering investing in the stock market it is very importa   Read More..
What Does Value Investing Mean?
The basics long-term techniques in investing are made mostly by very notable investors such as Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham and David Dodd.The recent and still going recession in the economy has made a lot of people lose big heaps of money in stocks trading and also many investors have been trappe   Read More..
The Stock Market Rally
The rally in the UK market has continued but is now at a level and time when it should react and retrace. It is the extent of this expected retracement that will be a really strong signal for the return of a 'bull' market (or otherwise).The US market has also now started to catch up with the   Read More..
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