Google Surveys now lets market researchers target consumers in 46 new markets
Google has announced that its Surveys market research product can now be used to target consumers in nearly 60 markets. Prior to now now, Google Surve   Read More..
PNB scam RBI stops issue of Letter of Credit(LC’s) across all banks
PNB scam by Jeweller Nirav Modi which caused an irrecoverable loss of 14000 crores to the banks including PNB has made RBI to take some tough regulato   Read More..
Women leadership summit 2018 – Kolkata
Today’s female leaders have come a long way and have broken the glass ceiling in areas which were previously dominated by men. We as a country can b   Read More..
3D Image rendering with Radiowave – New Horizons
Imagine a means to view through opaque walls. The ability to isolate moving objects based on sound, heat and outline, and identify objects based on it   Read More..
CustomerSuccessBox succeeds in raising $1mn from pi Ventures
CustomerSuccessBox, an ‘Actionable’ Customer Success Platform for B2B SaaS (Software as-a-Service) companies, has raised $1mn in pre Series A fund   Read More..
Consumer focused VC Fireside Ventures Closes INR 340 crore fund
Fireside Ventures – an early stage venture fund focused on consumer brands, today announced that it has closed its 1st fund with a corpus of IN   Read More..
Culture as Light-House for Management Guidance – Mahabharata , Management and You (MMY)
We are currently living in a fast paced life. The expectations from customers and stakeholders are always “Give it to me Yesterday”. Regar   Read More..
SEBI increases cap for angel investments in Indian startups
Government of India’s market regulating body, SEBI, increased the cap on angel investments on Indian startups to Rs. 10 crores from the former cap o   Read More..
Top Ranked MBA Institutes in India
Every student aspires to study in the top ranked universities of India. The students need to keep a check on the eligibility, rankings and other requi   Read More..
Google Cloud – Gaining grounds for Startups
The hosting platform has long gone to outsourced partner. Amazon started it followed by Azure and other third party partners. Google is a late entrant   Read More..
YC-backed DearBrightly makes Rx skin care more accessible
Almost everybody wants better skin, but not everyone wants to put in all the heavy lifting required. But DearBrightly, a Y Combinator-backed company,    Read More..
A+E exec Nancy Dubuc confirmed as Vice Media’s new CEO
Vice Media has announced that Nancy Dubuc is leaving her role as A+E Networks CEO and taking over as the digital media company’s chief executive   Read More..
Universe, an Instagram for building mobile websites, nabs funding from YC
As social media sites grow more massive and all-encompassing, one startup is looking to bring back the friendly customization of Myspace to a new gen   Read More..
Here are some real things people said about brain preservation startup Nectome
Regular TechCrunch readers have probably noticed an uptick in Y Combinator-related profiles over the last few days, as founders rush to get press cove   Read More..
EasyEmail is autocomplete for Gmail
Despite wave after wave of startups vowing to kill email, electronic mail has never been stronger. It seems the best way to live with emails is to let   Read More..
Tech Will Save Us raises $4.2M for its tech-focused range of toys, partners with Disney
Tech Will Save Us, the U.K. startup getting kids excited about technology through a range of ‘hackable’ toys, has raised $4.2 million in Series A    Read More..
Algolia adds search analytics so that you can optimize your search results
Algolia had made a tiny acquisition to complement its product offering. The company is acquiring the technology behind SeaUrchin.IO — the team of tw   Read More..
LUS Brands, backed by Y Combinator, wants you to love your curls
Sahar Saidi has had curly hair her whole life, and spent most of that life straightening and treating her hair to try to conform to the media’s    Read More..
Interfaith social network raises $14M Series A to add new features to its mobile app, an interfaith social networking app for members of religious communities, has raised a $14 million Series A led by TPG Growth. Previous inve   Read More..
Codementor launches Dev Protocol, which uses blockchain to help developers build their reputations
Dev Protocol is a new project that uses blockchain to give software developers a secure place to build their professional reputations. Created by Code   Read More..
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