Magic: The Gathering — Arena hits closed beta in late November
Wizards of the Coast’s Digital Games Studio is about to cast a “let’s prepare to launch a game” spell — and it’s g   Read More..
Baidu debuts simulator for Apollo autonomous driving platform
Baidu today announced more details about its open-source Apollo autonomous driving platform, steps toward a stated goal of placing fully autonomous ve   Read More..
Heartland Tech Weekly: Of course cities are thirsty for Amazon jobs
Though the October 19 application deadline may have passed, the conversation around Amazon HQ2 is far from over. As my VentureBeat colleague Chris O   Read More..
Amazon’s first Alexa benefit for Prime members: Double Jeopardy
Bringing together two of its major offerings for the first time, Amazon has announced that all Prime members with an Alexa-enabled device now get up t   Read More..
AR/VR Weekly: the ‘your rump has too much bump’ edition
Retailers already dread “showrooming” — visiting stores to find items and then buying them online for a lower price. Imagine how much th   Read More..
AWS beats Google and Microsoft to launching instances with Nvidia Volta GPUs
Amazon Web Services is the first cloud to launch new compute instances that allow developers to build applications that tap into Nvidia’s new ge   Read More..
CEO of the year awarded to Mr.Vikram Thaploo
Apollo Remote Healthcare CEO, Mr. Vikram Thaploo has received the prestigious “CEO of the year” Healthcare Achievers and Leadership Awards 2017.He   Read More..
Chennai-based Ulo hotels offers budget accommodations to all trippers
Hospitality startup Ulo hotels aims to provide budget-friendly stays at affordable prices throughout India. In recent times, the Indian Hospitality Se   Read More..
Advantages of Limited Liability Partnership(LLP) for Investors
LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership where the owners have a limited liability. LLP is a Partnership which can be considered as an “Ideal Partne   Read More..
This 17 year old Delhi boy raised pre-series A funding for his healthcare venture
Delhi-based 17 year old Vedaant Aggarwal’s healthcare startup, OHM Healthcare, announces that it has raised an undisclosed amount of Pre-Series A fu   Read More..
Trends to follow in 2018 By Mobile App Development Companies
Mobiles as well as Smart Phones are today an inevitable part of our daily life. Starting from waking up in the morning with the help of morning alarm,   Read More..
How to Make an E-Commerce Site in A Day ?
E-Commerce website design and development is now easier and cheaper to do. Don’t believe it? Here is now. Everything below will guide you on how   Read More..
Here’s a small way to start building your resistance to Y Combinator rejections
 Who loves a good niche? We sure as hell do. And we also love niche products that address those niche problems — especially tech niches. S   Read More..
Verve scores $18.5M to reward you for selling tickets to friends
 Verve, the U.K, startup formerly known as StreetTeam that offers a sales platform to enable brands to easily run advocacy programs, has picked    Read More..
Flipboard opens up to more publishers by embracing the mobile web
 Flipboard is changing the way it works with online publishers, thanks to two connected announcements. First, publishers no longer need to work    Read More..
Standard Cognition gets $5M to build a machine vision-powered checkout
 While image recognition in photos and video has become increasingly sophisticated at an incredible rate, Standard Cognition co-founder Jordan F   Read More..
Petuum secures $93M Series B to push AI into the mainstream
 With a shortage of machine learning developers bearing down on the industry, startups and big tech companies alike are moving to democratize th   Read More..
Waggit launches a smart collar to track your pup’s health
 Waggit, a smart collar for dogs, aims to help improve your pup’s quality of life and help humans better care for their dog companions. Li   Read More..
Used car buying site Carspring goes quiet after Rocket Internet pulls investment
 Carspring, the London and Berlin-based startup that makes it easy to buy a used car, has gone quiet, amid reports that its recent £5 million i   Read More..
Medium now lets anyone publish behind its paywall
 Medium is expanding its subscription efforts today by allowing any author or publisher to join its partner program. That’s the program wh   Read More..
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