Wildmoka grabs $8 million to help you clip live video in real time
 Meet Wildmoka, a French startup that wants to streamline video editing during live events. Wildmoka is particularly useful for broadcasting com   Read More..
500 Startups-backed Tamatem raises $2.5M to localise games for Arabic-speaking market
 Tamatem, a startup backed by 500 Startups that creates localised versions of popular games so that they resonate better with users in Arabic sp   Read More..
Bustle is raising roughly $30 million to go on a shopping spree
 Bustle, the everything blog for millennial women, is hustling to close on around $30 million in new funding as it goes on the prowl for new ac   Read More..
Unicorns gorge as investors dish up bigger rounds, more capital
 Is there a point when investors will turn off the spigots for giant unicorn funding rounds? If so, we haven’t reached that threshold yet.   Read More..
Penta, the German digital-only bank account for startups and SMEs, raises €2.2M seed
 Penta, the German ‘challenger’ bank that offers a digital bank account targeting SMEs, has raised €2.2 million in funding. The se   Read More..
Balderton Capital leads $25M Series A in ‘urban farming’ platform Infarm
 Infarm, a startup that has developed vertical farming tech for grocery stores, restaurants and local distribution centres to bring fresh and ar   Read More..
Former Intel president launches new chip company with backing from Carlyle Group
 Ampere, a new chip company run by former Intel president Renee James, came out of stealth today with a brand-new highly efficient Arm-based ser   Read More..
Zebra Fuel raises $2.5M to deliver fuel direct to your vehicle
 Zebra Fuel, a London-based startup that wants to eliminate the inner city gas station by delivering fuel directly to your vehicle, has raised $   Read More..
Fair funding of around $50M, acquires rental car delivery service Skurt
 Just a week after we reported that Fair was acquiring the leasing portfolio of Xchange Leasing from Uber, the flexible car-ownership startup is   Read More..
Lightmatter aims to reinvent AI-specific chips with photonic computing and $11M in funding
 It takes an immense amount of processing power to create and operate the “AI” features we all use so often, from playlist generatio   Read More..
Safe Catch Tuna is a startup on a mission to eradicate the risk of mercury poisoning from your fish
 Bay Area startup Safe Catch Tuna has developed a patented technology to detect mercury levels in a variety of fish and pledges that its own bra   Read More..
Badi bags $10M to build out its room rentals platform in Europe
 Barcelona-based Badi launched a marketplace for urban room rentals in September 2015 with the goal of making it easier to find flatmates. The s   Read More..
Slab raises $2.2M to build tools for an internal employee information nexus
 When Jason Chen first ended up at Salesforce through the acquisition of his last company Stypi, he had the tough task of integrating within Sal   Read More..
Rubrik acquires Datos IO to expand into NoSQL database management support
 Rubrik, the enterprise startup that provides data backup and recovery services across cloud and on-premise environments, is putting some of the   Read More..
Mirror raises $13 million for virtual fitness classes
 It may seem like there are already enough on-demand fitness classes, but one startup has an idea for something a little different. Mirror is de   Read More..
Mixmax raises $10.35M to improve email
 Hundred of startups have tried to kill it, but email is still alive and well. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon, though.    Read More..
CloudBees acquires CodeShip as devops consolidates
 More consolidation is afoot in the busy world of backend developer tools. Today, CloudBees — the company closely associated with support    Read More..
Apple’s Shazam takeover triggers competition review in Europe
 The European Commission has announced a review of Apple’s acquisition of music discovery service Shazam — agreeing to a request ma   Read More..
Backing Robinhood, JAY-Z’s Roc Nation invests in would-be Rockefellers
 Roc Nation, the full-service entertainment management company created by the music impresario Shawn Carter (better known as JAY-Z), is making    Read More..
Facebook will start prioritizing local news in user feeds
 Facebook’s latest step in its on-going effort to fix its embattled news delivery offering involves prioritizing local sources. The social   Read More..
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