Instagram won’t comment on rumored video calling feature
 Instagram copied the ‘Snap’ and now it might be going after the ‘chat’. A video calling feature was spotted in a non-pu   Read More..
Child health advocates call for Facebook to shutter Messenger Kids app
 The slings and arrows of outrage keep flying at Facebook. Today a coalition of child health advocates has published an open letter addressing    Read More..
Snapchat enhances Bitmoji with 1.9 septillion avatar options
 Now you can customize your Snapchat Bitmoji avatar with 40 skin tones, 50 hair colors, 50 hair treatment options and more so it looks just like   Read More..
Instagram now allows businesses to schedule their posts
 Instagram today made a long overdue change to its product that social media managers have wanted for some time – it will allow businesses   Read More..
Appeals court rules that Tinder’s pricing violates age discrimination laws
 A California appeals court has sided with Allan Candelore, a man suing Tinder over the pricing for its premium service, Tinder Plus. Specifical   Read More..
Actress Maisie Williams to launch Daisie, a social app for talent discovery and collaboration
 Actress Maisie Williams, best known for her role as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, is the latest celeb to venture into tech entrepreneurship, w   Read More..
Facebook survives Q4 despite slowest daily user growth ever
 Despite worries about Russia and that passive News Feed scrolling hurts us, Facebook beat expectations again in its Q4 2017 earnings report. Fa   Read More..
Facebook’s U.S. user count declines as it prioritizes well-being
 Facebook is putting its short-term money where its mouth is, reducing the presence of viral videos in an effort to boost well-being of users of   Read More..
Twitter now says 1.4 million people interacted with Russian trolls during 2016 presidential campaign
 Twitter has now updated the number of people engaging with Russian trolls during the 2016 presidential campaign to 1.4 million. That’s mo   Read More..
WhatsApp hits 1.5 billion monthly users. $19B? Not so bad.
 Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp sounds smarter and smarter. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on the Q4 2017 earnings call tod   Read More..
Telegram apps fall foul of iOS App Store content rules
 The Telegram messaging apps appear to have breached Apple’s App Store guidelines and are currently unavailable for download on iOS. 9to5   Read More..
Instagram’s Carousel ad format is coming to Instagram Stories
 It’s been less than a year since Instagram brought advertising to Instagram Stories — a format that its owner Facebook said in Nove   Read More..
Snapchat’s new Snap Store teases in-app commerce potential
 Snap Inc. just launched a merchandise store. The goal isn’t to make money yet, but it proves the potential for an in-app commerce platfor   Read More..
David Marcus defends Facebook’s Messenger Kids platform
 David Marcus, Facebook’s vice president of Messaging Products, responded to the backlash against Messenger Kids when he spoke at the Upfr   Read More..
Digital minister’s app lands on data watchdog’s radar after privacy cock-up
 The Matt Hancock app, which launched this week and quickly ran into a storm of criticism for displaying an unfortunately lax attitude to privac   Read More..
How Facebook stole the news business
 Big news outlets stupidly sold their soul to Facebook. Desperate for the referral traffic Facebook dangled, they spent the past few years jumpi   Read More..
Snapchat slips in features like fonts and do not disturb amidst redesign
 Snap is waking up to the “Time Well Spent” movement Facebook is already addressing. Snapchat is offering a way to mute specific peo   Read More..
Why I decided to install Messenger Kids
 I’ve been struggling with whether or not to download Facebook’s new app aimed at children, Messenger Kids, onto my daughter’s   Read More..
SocialRank’s new product helps marketers understand why tweets go viral
 The team at SocialRank has spent the last few years building ways for brands and marketers to get a better sense of who’s following and e   Read More..
Experience on Demand is a must-read VR book
ANALYSIS: After seeing a duct-taped prototype of the Oculus Rift for the first time in 2012, one of my first calls was to Jeremy Bailenson at Stanford   Read More..
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