How Trump’s immigration policies could hurt the Heartland the most
GUEST: During the 2016 election, President Donald Trump ran on the idea that small towns in America have been left behind. He understood that, while o   Read More..
PhotoSpring lets you share thousands of family photos without much pain
Digital photo frames have been around for a while, but PhotoSpring — with its ability to store thousands of photos and videos for families to    Read More..
Oh, the irony: Crypto enables same Ponzi-like behavior it promised to fix
GUEST: The creation and rise of cryptocurrencies can be tied directly to the 2008 financial crisis. Released in 2009, Bitcoin and its underlying block   Read More..
Voice recognition will transform these 5 industries
GUEST: “Alexa, what time is my next train to work?” “There is a 20-minute delay. The next train departs from Berlin Central Station at 9:42 and    Read More..
When to let your competitors be your investors
GUEST: When startups need money, they typically roll out their slide deck to the usual suspects: VCs, angels, or friends and family. Increasingly, tho   Read More..
5 small changes that drastically improve chatbot conversations
GUEST: The current chatbot renaissance has provided a revolutionary new way to connect consumers with brands and with each other. That said, chatbots    Read More..
Break Out: Ultima III and the familial origins of Origin Systems
GUEST: The following excerpt comes from Break Out: How the Apple II Launched the PC Gaming Revolution by David L. Craddock, available in hardcover fro   Read More..
How AI will disrupt sports entertainment networks
GUEST: Whether you’re training to run a marathon or gearing up for a marathon of binge-watching TV, both athletes and casual sports fans can benefit   Read More..
Criterion confirms: No Star Wars: Battlefront 2 VR
A few months ago it looked like VR support had been all but confirmed for DICE and Criterion Games’ Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Sadly, it’s now look   Read More..
Equifax announces Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Officer have left
(Reuters) — Equifax said on Friday that it made changes in its top management as part of its review of a massive data breach, with two technolog   Read More..
Apple’s AR quest begins with … poop
ANALYSIS: People who watch technology closely — especially those optimistic about VR and AR — are scratching their heads this week trying to under   Read More..
How the A Maze Festival in Johannesburg showcased Africa’s indie game scene
Today is the last day of the A Maze festival in Johannesburg, a celebration of the international indie developer scene along with games by homegrown    Read More..
Urban Mobility – a puzzle to resolve
Mobility can be defined as movement of people from one place to other or ability to move physically. In urban cities mobility of some people can be fa   Read More..
Credit Karma says it will offer credit monitoring for Equifax following this month’s huge breach
 Credit Karma said it will add Equifax to its credit monitoring service as part of its free product, which proactively notifies members of signi   Read More..
Meet the startups that just pitched at EF’s 8th Demo Day in London
 Entrepreneur First (EF), the company builder and “talent first” investor, has just held Demo Day for its eighth London cohort, seei   Read More..
The AI ecosystem to be on display at Disrupt SF
 As AI creeps deeper into each and every industry vertical, demand for experienced technical talent continues to increase. Now online education    Read More..
How startups can avoid Bodega’s PR disaster
 Oh, Bodega. The newly launched startup’s insensitivity hit some pretty tender nerves during a time when cultural and societal tensions ar   Read More..
Corporate venture in Brazil gains steam as giants amp up startup investments
 What a difference one year makes. Since showing noteworthy signs of a maturing tech ecosystem last summer, corporate venture in Latin America    Read More.. adds new features to make paying off student loans easier, the company offering student loan payment management services as an employee benefit, is adding new features to make it easier f   Read More..
Dharma hopes to solve health data collection for NGOs of the world
 Data scientist Michael Roytman and his statistician friend Jesse Berns were working on a project together for the United Nations in Iraq that r   Read More..
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