Zuckerberg makes case for privacy regs with teeth — by failing to remember non-existent FTC fine
Chalk up a sharp political point in support for privacy legislation with actual teeth: In today’s testimony in front of the House Energy &   Read More..
Zuckerberg doesn’t want to talk about changing the business model
Facebook is testifying once again before congress about the Cambridge Analytica debacle and Facebook’s privacy policy in general. One representative   Read More..
Zuckerberg denies knowledge of Facebook shadow profiles
The fact that Facebook probably has a profile of you whether you’re a Facebook user or not might come as a surprise to some users, though today    Read More..
Zuckerberg won’t give a straight answer on data downloads
What does Facebook know about you? Clearly a whole lot more than it’s comfortable letting on. Today, during testimony in front of the House Ener   Read More..
Instagram will let you download your content after criticism about portability
Yesterday we reported that Instagram lacked data portability, knocking the app for the absence of an equivalent to Facebook’s Download Your Info   Read More..
Reddit has banned 944 accounts linked to the IRA Russian troll farm
While much of the tech media has had their eyeballs glued to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimonies to Congress over the past couple of days   Read More..
Twitter replaces its gun emoji with a water gun
Twitter has now followed Apple’s lead in changing its pistol emoji to a harmless, bright green water gun. And in doing so, the company that has    Read More..
Cambridge University hits back at Zuckerberg’s shade
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to the House yesterday was a mostly bland performance, punctuated by frequent claims not to know or re   Read More..
Facebook Stories adds funky AR drawing and Instagram’s Boomerang
You’ll soon be able to draw on the world around you and shoot back-and-forth Instagram Boomerang GIFs with the Facebook Camera. Bringing additio   Read More..
Privacy Shield now facing questions via legal challenge to Facebook data flows
The Irish High Court has referred for a second time a legal challenge to Facebook’s EU-US data transfers to Europe’s top court, seeking a    Read More..
Telegram hit with block in Russia over encryption
A Russian court has ordered a block on access to the Telegram messaging app — with the block coming into force immediately, according to the BBC   Read More..
Podcasting app Anchor can now find you a cohost
Fresh off its relaunch as an app offering a suite of tools for podcasters, Anchor today is rolling a new feature that will make it easier for people t   Read More..
Users and advertisers are mostly unfazed by Facebook scandal
Facebook’s downfall has, it seems, been greatly exaggerated — at least according to Facebook . Even with the Cambridge Analytica fallout and subse   Read More..
Passive subscriber churn — and how to mitigate it (VB Live)
VB LIVE: Subscription businesses can lose the happiest of subscribers because of involuntary churn. But machine learning can automatically reduce this   Read More..
Sixgill, LLC Named to Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance
PRESS RELEASE: Sixgill®, LLC, the leader in sensor data services for governing Internet of Everything (IoE) assets, announced that the co   Read More..
All Raise female VCs team up with female founders across the U.S. to pay it forward
A few months ago, a group of powerhouse female VCs came together to create Female Founders Office Hours, which provides one-on-one mentoring sessions    Read More..
HomePod sales reportedly slow as Apple works on fixing Siri and wood rings
Initial sales of Apple’s HomePod have underperformed — even measured against the company’s conservative forecasts — leading Ap   Read More..
Firefox 11.0 for iOS arrives with tracking protection on by default
Mozilla today released Firefox 11.0 for iOS. The new version turns on tracking protection by default, lets you reorder your tabs, and adds a handful o   Read More..
Sansar social VR launches on HTC’s Viveport with more Ready Player One content
Sansar is a social VR platform from Linden Lab, the maker of the Second Life virtual world. And today, Sansar is now available as a free download on    Read More..
Mapillary raises $15 million to boost its digital mapping for self-driving vehicles
Sweden-based Mapillary announced today that it has raised a new round of financing to accelerate its development of an independent mapping data system   Read More..
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