Nexon acquires High School Story developer Pixelberry Studios
EXCLUSIVE: Tokyo-based gaming giant Nexon is expected to announce tonight that it is acquiring Pixelberry Studios, an acclaimed game studio that creat   Read More..
The future of esports marketing
GUEST: As the footprint of esports continues to expand, people from outside the esports industry are bringing their knowledge and expertise to help gr   Read More..
Nexon keeps thriving on games that are decades old
Asian gaming giant Nexon keeps on making money from games that are many years old, like Dungeon Fighter and Maple Story. The Tokyo-based company repor   Read More..
Google to help developers build automated driving modes by opening the API behind Pixel 2’s Do-Not-Disturb
When Google unveiled its new Pixel 2 flagship phone lineup last month, the company also revealed a neat new feature for drivers. In a nutshell, the Pi   Read More..
Google ‘strongly supports’ disclosing buyers of online political ads
(Reuters) — Alphabet’s Google unit told U.S. election regulators in a letter seen by Reuters on Thursday that it “strongly supports&   Read More..
MVPindex will measure the leaders in esports social media
Social media tracking company MVPindex is revealing today that it is moving into esports with a social media that will track, measure, and value the s   Read More..
Zuman Announces New Chief Revenue Officer, Cary Rosenzweig
PRESS RELEASE: Zuman, the leading premium single-source solution for human resources, payroll, and benefits administration today announced   Read More..
Call of Duty: WWII should have cut its clumsy racism subplot
You can’t go home again is not just a book I haven’t read, it’s also a feeling I’ve had about the Call of Duty series as it re   Read More..
Midwest entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to think big
GUEST: In the summer of 2011, I cofounded a seed-funded internet company that operated within the death-care space. You could think of us as Yelp for    Read More..
The DeanBeat: What gamers should grasp about big studios and big games
I anticipated that Electronic Arts’ purchase of Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment wasn’t going to go over well with fans. And from wh   Read More..
Uber loses U.K. appeal on workers’ rights
(Reuters) — Taxi app Uber lost a bid on Friday to overturn a decision by a tribunal which had said its drivers deserved workers’ rights su   Read More..
Teslagrad’s hand-drawn puzzle world arrives on Switch December 7
Independent developer Moon Games announced today that its 2D puzzle game Teslagrad is heading to the Nintendo Switch on December 7. Teslagrad first ca   Read More..
Kevin Chou transitions from mobile game leader to Overwatch esports team owner
Kevin Chou is shifting gears from a mobile gaming mogul to an esports team owner. The former CEO of Kabam sold his company — which made titles l   Read More..
Nvidia CEO: Gaming will be huge, but so will AI and data center businesses
Nvidia reported a stellar quarter for the three months ended October 31. Nvidia had $2.6 billion in revenue in the quarter, and $1.5 billion of it cam   Read More..
ProBeat: Web Summit is the Twitter of tech conferences
OPINION: I had the opportunity to attend Web Summit this year in Lisbon, Portugal, along with almost 60,000 people from over 170 countries. If you rep   Read More..
Mark Zuckerberg wants to be a ‘community builder’ as his U.S. tour concludes
After completing his pledge to meet with people in all 50 states by the end of 2017, Mark Zuckerberg said that he no longer thinks of himself as prima   Read More..
Why Titanfall studio Respawn sold to EA
Electronic Arts announced it will acquire Titanfall maker Respawn Entertainment for as much as $455 million on Thursday, in its biggest deal since    Read More..
Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition — fertilize and harvest on the go
Farming Simulator is one of the latest games to launch on the Switch that might cause you to pause and ask, “Really?” But yes, really, the   Read More..
Cat Quest review — pawsitively delightful though not purrfect
REVIEW: Cat Quest is an adorable romp through a fantasy world where you fight monsters, cast spells, and battle dragon bosses. Oh, and you’re a    Read More..
Xbox One X can load games up to twice as quickly as the older models
Since 2013, the Xbox One has had some painful load times. While loading between different sections in games is usually fine, the initial boot-up of so   Read More..
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