Tencent tried to buy Spotify earlier this year
 Spotify has long been linked with going public in the U.S. — it is speculated to be preparing for an IPO-less listing next year — b   Read More..
Angry Birds IPO expected to value parent Rovio at $1 billion
 Remember Angry Birds? Apparently enough people are still playing it to justify an IPO. Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish parent of the popular s   Read More..
A look back in IPO: Apple, the early PC purveyor
 To wrap up our series of looks into the IPOs of tech’s Big 5, we turn to Apple. Being the first of five to go public, what can we learn f   Read More..
Facebook halts ad targeting of profile details abused by users
 In a swift response to the news that advertisers were able to target anti-Semitic phrases on Facebook, the social network has shut down “   Read More..
US election agency seeks views on rule change for digital ad platforms
 The U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) has voted to seek public views on whether there should be a change to the rules for political ads th   Read More..
Uber used Greyball software to evade 16 Portland city officials
(Reuters) — A sweeping investigation by the city of Portland, Oregon, found that Uber Technologies used a software tool to intentionally evade 1   Read More..
Piper raises $7.6 million to expand its DIY computer kits for children
Piper, the company behind the Raspberry Pi-powered DIY computer building kit for kids, has raised $7.6 million in a series A round of funding led by O   Read More..
Silicon Valley weeps as overpriced hipster coffee maker Blue Bottle sells out to conglomerate Nestlé
The Bay Area may be imploding beyond recognition as housing prices skyrocket, regional train service BART becomes increasingly unreliable and unafford   Read More..
Sustainable Indoor Vertical Farming in Action: Urban Organics Dramatically Increases Output with New Location
PRESS RELEASE: The Midwest has long been a major source of innovation when it comes to feeding the world, so it's no wonder that the same state    Read More..
PhoneCast lets you play 2D Android apps in virtual reality on Gear VR
In case you don’t have enough things to do in virtual reality, you can now run 2D-screen Android applications within virtual reality on the Sams   Read More..
Metroid: Samus Returns — 5 tips before your mission on SR388 begins
Metroid: Samus Returns is now out for the 3DS, finally giving us a new, 2D adventure in Nintendo’s sci-fi series. I loved it. If you’ve ev   Read More..
Slack VP: Shared channels could lead to business bots that speak to each other
EXCLUSIVE: Shared channels that allow two businesses to share a workspace in Slack was made available for the first time Tuesday, bringing businesses    Read More..
ReMarkable review: The e-paper tablet for sketchers and scribblers
Some 10 months after opening preorders, Norwegian startup ReMarkable is ready to start shipping its eponymous “digital paper” tablet. By    Read More..
What Kansas City has to offer tech startups
GUEST: It’s easy to see why startup founders look to the coasts to raise venture capital or hire a star head of growth. Hollywood has misinformed th   Read More..
The DeanBeat: Our growing piles of video game shame
My Cuphead social storm lasted about eight days. During that time, gamers near and far criticized me for playing a demo of the upcoming video game Cup   Read More..
Destiny 2 boasts the biggest console game launch week of the year
Destiny 2 is a big hit. Bungie claims today that its online shooter, which launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, has had the biggest    Read More..
Original Stitch launches its AI shirt-fitting tool out of beta
Original Stitch, a startup that lets men create custom shirts online, brought its tool for measuring clothes using machine learning out of beta today.   Read More..
Are banks overlooking strategy when it comes to AI? (VB Live)
VB LIVE: AI apps are shaping up to be an essential part of financial institution and fintech offerings. Yet these innovative solutions are only as use   Read More..
GamesBeat weekly roundup: Switch owns August, and Samus Returns in style
Hello, and welcome to another GamesBeat weekly roundup! This time, Nintendo announced that they’re going to be making more NES Classic Editions    Read More..
Coalition seeks to make Atlanta an IoT leader
More than two dozen Atlanta-based enterprises have partnered with the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC) and the Atlanta Committee for Progress to launch   Read More..
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