BestMile Expands Its Executive Team with Mobility Industry Hires
PRESS RELEASE: BestMile, the leading platform for the operation and optimization of autonomous and ridesharing mobility solutions, announc   Read More..
Amazon launches in-home delivery service called Amazon Key, powered by a camera and smart lock
Amazon has announced a major new development in the way it delivers goods to customers’ houses. With Amazon Key, the ecommerce giant will allow    Read More..
Polish P2P learning platform Brainly raises $14 million after hitting 100 million users
Brainly, a Poland-based peer-to-peer (P2P) social learning platform, has raised another $14 million in funding, closing its series B round at $29 mill   Read More..
3 years after Indiegogo launch, social robot Jibo is available for preorder
More than three years after the start of Jibo’s crowdfunding campaign, the social robot that raised more than $3.5 million on Indiegogo is comi   Read More..
RiverVest Venture Partners Expands Scientific Advisory Board
PRESS RELEASE: RiverVest Venture Partners announced today that Ronald T. Borchardt, Ph.D. and Jared Rutter, Ph.D. have joined the life science v   Read More..
Google and Cisco partner to provide hybrid cloud capabilities
Google and Cisco today announced a partnership to provide their shared customers with a consistent environment for running applications in a hybrid cl   Read More..
Hopper expands its airfare-prediction smarts to hotels
Hopper, a startup that has built its business by telling consumers the best time to purchase a flight, is expanding its predictive technology to cover   Read More..
Microsoft kills Kinect, its motion control camera for Xbox and Windows
Microsoft is no longer making the Kinect, as Co.Design first reported. The motion-sensing and voice-recognizing device for Xbox One and Windows will   Read More..
Metal Gear Survive and its ironic title will launch February 20
Konami announced today that Metal Gear Survive is coming out on February 20 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will cost $40. This is the first g   Read More..
Destiny 2 PC players claim Bungie is banning them without justification
The Destiny series has finally made the leap to PC, and you know what that means: cheaters. It’s not that difficult to use tools to “hack&   Read More..
Game Boss interview: Zoe Quinn’s Crash Override Network fights online abuse
As we noted in part one of our interview, Zoe Quinn endured an appalling amount of Internet hatred related to the Gamergate controversy. In response   Read More..
Steam finally offers digital gift cards
With the holidays approaching at a rapid clip, Valve Corporation’s digital game store Steam unveiled new digital gift cards in addition to thos   Read More..
AI-powered devices are helping consumers battle climate change
GUEST: You may separate your recyclables, take quick showers, and avoid using harsh chemicals, but we all know our individual efforts to save the envi   Read More..
Google launches Android Studio 3.0 and Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview
Google today launched Android Studio 3.0, the latest version of its integrated development environment (IDE), with new features like app profiling too   Read More..
Seagate launches 4TB hard drive for the PlayStation 4
Seagate has doubled the capacity of its latest hard drive and is announcing a 4 terabyte drive for the Sony PlayStation 4. The Seagate Game Drive can    Read More..
Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with settings and Chinese font improvements
Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 preview for PCs with additional settings and improvements to the Microsoft Yahei font. This build is part of   Read More..
Measuring corporate accountability in an era of audacious bots
GUEST: We live in exciting times of unprecedented progress. Automation has a significant role in propelling human advancement, and digital transformat   Read More..
Pennsylvania’s government-backed VC firm should serve as a model for other states
GUEST: The Cleveland-Pittsburgh-Buffalo region was known for more than a century for steel production, and steel was the reason cities in this part of   Read More..
Blockchain will transform the business of gaming
GUEST: The gaming industry has been experiencing major shifts for a decade now. First came broadband internet, then the rise of Steam. Before long, th   Read More..
6 industries with massive potential for AI integration
GUEST: Artificial intelligence represents a new way of interfacing with data. With the cost of sensors, data storage, and analytics plunging, nearly e   Read More..
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