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Benefits of Employing Brass Hardware

Not everything glitters is gold. Just lately, brass hardware is producing a comeback on every thing from furnishings to boats. Stainless-steel has ordinarily taken major put since the most sought after materials for fasteners, though the development has become swinging more toward the warmer yellow shade of brass. Once regarded aged fashioned, brass is now the steel of nostalgia. Brass offers a ton for its worth, it’s anti-corrosive, water resistant, and just plain nice to look at. It makes a great fastener to use indoors or outdoors for most projects.

The anti-corrosive and water resistant nature of brass screws and fasteners make them much more than ideal for exterior use. Rain, air, and humidity typically break down iron screws, even galvanized iron screws. Moisture inside wood will also rust typical iron or metal screws; this is why brass works great with wooden outdoor structures. Brass is a softer steel, and when working with wood, a pilot hole will be necessary. Brass fasteners also match wood colour much better than steel or even stainless-steel components. Solid brass screws will not rust, which gives them a huge advantage over other similar rust resistant components and fasteners.
Another use where brass hardware performs better than any other metals is for water and marine projects. For decades brass has long been used on marine equipment, solely because it’s the bestfastener for the job. Its anti-corrosion properties make it perfect for use around the ocean, underwater, and anywhere damp. Where metal and iron screws corrode from exposure to salt water, sun, and rain; a pure brass screw will stay strong for many years.

When searching for brass screws online, there are a few things to be wary of. Some marketed brass screws are simply brass plated steel or iron. This does help protect the fastener from premature corrosion, but if that plating is scratch off, and moisture gets in, that will corrode the screw. Brass plated screws are best used for projects that are static, as in they won’t be tampered with. Also brass plated screws are good for indoor use, since the chances of it corroding from the elements is much lower. Pure brass screws might be much more expensive, but with that cost come the peace of mind that it will last a long time.

Brass components is great for hobby wood projects, it simply looks beautiful. Whether you’re building a doll house or replica boat, brass gives a beautiful outdated world style to your project. A whole lot of modern bathroom and kitchen renovations are moving away from the stainless steel / chrome look, in favour of softer gold colourbrass components . Brass also has a softer shine than a lot more common metals found in bathrooms and kitchen, and in a few years develops an attractive patina.
Brass is also antimicrobial, copper and its alloys, such as brass, have an inherent ability to kill a wide range of microbes rapidly. Brass and copper are used in places such as hospitals because of this ability, and can reduce chances of infection. Doorknobs, handrails, and door knockers have been traditionally made of brass for these reasons.

So for you’re your next project, why not consider utilizing brass components. Beautiful colour, anti-corrosive and antimicrobial, it’s a great choice indoors and out.

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