Designer Flower GIrl Dresses

If it's a big budget wedding, then a designer flower girl dress may be called for. Designers that cater specifically to wedding and flower girl dresses are, as you may expect, pretty expensive. But they look good, there's no way to deny that. These dresses are often made of high quality satin or chiffon, they flow when they move and they feel very comfortable. Not unsurprisingly, websites like The Wedding Channel's show dresses like this off often.

Designer dresses are available in all styles - ranging from traditional dresses that are essentially large, ornamented, pick-up dresses, to more modern dresses that are slimmer, patterned, and beautiful.  Add a ribbon tied around their waist - preferably the same color as the bridesmaids - and you end up with something that fits into the wedding perfectly.

Are these required to make a flower girl look good? Of course not, and to be honest, I don't really see much value in making the flower girl's dress more expensive than the bridesmaid dresses. But if the budget is there, then by all means, the dress will make for a beautiful wedding and some phenomenal pictures that last a lifetime.

Like I said though, luxury design is completely unnecessary for a successful wedding.  Flower girl dresses of all price ranges are available in beautiful styles, and even better, there is a continual market of discounted flower girl dresses that can yield results too.  There's nothing like finding a dress that's perfect and is 80% off it's previously inflated price!  You can often find these in larger chain stores - think Macy's in New York or Chicago, where there are entire floors of clearance sales, complete with racks of wedding and flower girl dresses.  Checking this once a week, you're bound to find a deal.

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