Global Trends in Dermocosmetics: The middle ground between medicine and cosmetics

"Global Trends in Dermocosmetics: The middle ground between medicine and cosmetics" The Report covers current Industries Trends, Worldwide Analysis, Global Forecast, Review, Share, Size, Growth, Effect.


"Global Trends in Dermocosmetics" examines the growing prominence of dermocosmetics and the trends that are driving this growth. It examines the products of key brands and their selling points, opportunities in the market, and the future outlook for the sector.

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The personal care market is moving towards premiumization and consumers are seeking more tailored, trustworthy, and effective products. The result is a shift towards active and clinically tested ingredients that come with connotations of credibility and efficacy.

** Scope

- 67% of consumers say that how familiar/trustworthy/risk-free a product feels always or often influences their product choice.
- 43% of consumers globally have a favorable perception of products that have claims tailored to their needs.
- 37% of consumers globally say that clinically inspired ingredients would increase their trust in a personal care brand.

** Reasons to buy

- Compare the strategies and brands involved in dermocosmetics.
- Understand the ways that dermocosmetics appeal to consumers.
- Understand the trends driving the growth in dermocosmetics.

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** Table of Contents
Traits of Dermocosmetics
Consumer Trends
Key Dermocosmetics Brands
Opportunities in Dermocosmetics
Opportunities in Cosmetics

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