High Flow Oxygen Concentrators: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2017 to 2023

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About High Flow Oxygen Concentrators Market

The 2017 study has 224 pages, 67 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the studies continue to show that the very ill need high flow oxygen.

High flow oxygen concentrators perform a strong function of caring for patients with serious respiratory disease. Equipment provides oxygen to people with lung disease, who are old, and to those who live in highly polluted areas. High flow 6LPM to 15LPM oxygen concentrators can provide more pure oxygen during the night than regular 5LPM units do. This is able to facilitate better sleeping and keep patients alive longer.

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With stripped down functioning, devoid of the features needed to support mobility during the day, high flow oxygen concentrators become less expensive, lighter, and more fully fit to purpose than they were previously. This use of high flow oxygen concentrators provides continuous flow oxygen with units that extend the market for many years.

Major factors driving the market for high flow oxygen concentrators include its ability to provide oxygen under all circumstances. The worldwide aging population creates demand for high flow medical oxygen. An increase in the number of people with end stage COPD and other severe respiratory diseases creates need for advanced medical oxygen. Advantages of newer high flow oxygen concentrator devices are that they are more reliable. They are generally affordable. Reimbursement drives markets.

According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the team that wrote the study, “An oxygen concentrator with a high flow is necessary to meet the oxygen requirements of a patient in severe respiratory distress. A higher liter per minute setting is needed for more severe cases of low oxygen in the blood stream. A person with healthy lungs breathes 21% oxygen from the air. Someone with moderate to severe COPD breathes in a much lower percent. They need the extra oxygen provided by the high flow systems.”

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High Flow Oxygen Equipment Market Forecasts

High flow oxygen concentrator markets at $148 million market in 2016 are set to become a $527.4 million market in 2023. These represent a very specialized type of oxygen equipment. Steady growth is anticipated because the high flow units are the only device that helps severely ill patients with respiratory disease with supplemental oxygen throughout the forecast period.

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Table of Contents

High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Executive Summary 12

High Flow Oxygen Concentrator 12

Home Oxygen Market Uses High Flow Oxygen Concentrators 13

Change in Home Oxygen Market 14

Pressure To Reduce Costs As Part Of the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) 15

Homecare Services Model Replaces Distribution Model 15

Research on Oxygen Concentrators 16

High Flow Oxygen Concentrators Market Driving Forces 17

High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Market Shares 18

High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Market Forecasts 19

1. High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Market Description And Market Dynamics 21

1.1 Oxygen Concentrator With A High Flow 21

1.1.1 Portable Oxygen Concentrators 22

1.2 High Flow Oxygen Concentrator 22

2.1.1 Migrating from 5 liter Oxygen Machines To The Full Sized 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrators 25

1.1 CMS Oxygen and Oxygen-Related Equipment 27

1.1.1 CMS Oxygen Reimbursement Definitions 28

1.1.2 CMS Qualifying Arterial Blood Gas Studies 29

1.1.3 CMS Home Sleep Oximetry Studies 30

1.1.4 Home Oxygen Concentrator Equipment Medicare Reimbursement 33

1.1.5 Home Medical Equipment Market 34

1.1.6 Home Health Care 34

1.1.7 Third-party reimbursement 35

1.2 Homecare Market Growth Factors 36

1.2.2 Growth In Population Over Age 65 38

1.3 Distribution Channels 39

1.3.2 Oxygen Therapy Systems 39

1.4 Oxygen Concentrator Applicable Population 39

1.4.2 Potable Oxygen Concentrator Patients Need Stationary Oxygen Concentrators at Night 40

1.5 Treatment Trends 41

1.5.2 Competition Forms Basis Of U.S. Medical Care Services Delivery 41

1.6 European Homecare Market Trends 42

1.7 Marketing Globally 43

1.8 Market Drivers For Healthcare Cost Containment 45

2 High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Market Shares And Forecasts 47

2.1 High Flow Oxygen Concentrator 47

2.1.2 Home Oxygen Market Uses High Flow Oxygen Concentrators 48

2.1.3 Change in Home Oxygen Market 50

2.1.4 Pressure To Reduce Costs As Part Of the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) 50

2.1.5 Homecare Services Model Replaces Distribution Model 51

2.1.6 Research on Oxygen Concentrators 51

2.1.7 High Flow Oxygen Concentrators Market Driving Forces 52

2.2 High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Market Shares 54

2.2.1 High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Market Shares, Units and Dollars 56

2.2.2 Oxygen Concentrators Coded by Medicare 56

2.2.3 Invacare Platinum 10 Oxygen Concentrator 57

2.2.4 Philips High Flow Oxygen Concentrators 57

2.2.5 AirSep Intensity High Flow Oxygen Concentrator 57

2.3 High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Market Forecasts 58

2.4 High Flow Oxygen 65

2.4.1 High Flow Oxygen Market Aspects 68

2.4.2 High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Installed Base Analysis 70

2.4.3 Supplemental Oxygen to Improve Brain Functioning 71

2.4.4 Chinese Must Be Worried About Their Ability To Breath 73

2.4.5 Trend of Hospice Patients In The U.S. 75

2.4.6 Homecare Is Poised To Grow 77

2.4.7 Unified Supply Network 78

2.4.8 Telemedicine Being Integrated Into Homecare 79

2.4.9 Competitive Bidding Program Cuts Reimbursement 80

2.4.10 Reimbursement Shifts 80

2.5 Respiratory Disease Market Metrics 81

2.5.1 Percentage of Older People by State 84

2.4.2 Medical Conditions Requiring Supplemental Oxygen 87

2.5 High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Prices 90

2.6 Oxygen Concentrator Regional Market Analysis 94

2.6.1 High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Regional Market Forecasts 96

2.6.2 North American Home Medical Equipment 97

2.6.3 United States 99

2.6.4 Japan 99

2.6.5 NTK and Teijin Pharma Home Healthcare Oxygen Concentrators In Japan 104

2.6.6 Longfian Scitech Targets China, Africa, Russia, and the Arab Countries 105

2.6.7 China 106

2.6.8 Chinese Built Units Used Widely In Homecare, Hospitals, Clinics, Beauty Salons And In Sports 106

2.6.9 Invacare Geographically Diverse 107

2.6.10 Nidek Global Presence 108

2.6.11 Gardner Denver Global Presence 109

2.6.12 Chart Industries Global Presence 111

2.6.13 European Homecare Market 112

2.6.14 Germany 113

2.6.15 France Oxygen Concentrators 114

2.6.16 Philips Global Market Position 115

2.6.17 Chart 120

3. High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Product Description 121

3.1 High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Products 121

3.2 Invacare Stationary Oxygen Concentrator 123

3.2.2 Invacare Platinum 10 Oxygen Concentrator 123

3.3 Philips Respironics 127

3.3.1 Philips Respironics Millennium 10 LPM Concentrator 127

3.4 Chart AirSep NewLife Elite and Intensity 130

3.4.1 Airsep Newlife Intensity 131

3.5.8 AirSep NewLife Intensity 132

3.5.9 Chart / Caire / Sequal 132

3.7 Nidek Medical 132

4 High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Reimbursement, Research, And Technology 134

4.1 Oxygen Concentrator Uses 134

4.1.1 Technical Trade-Offs Necessary To Design An Oxygen Concentrator 134

4.2 Oxygen Concentrator Insurance Coverage 134

4.2.1 Oxygen Concentrator CMS HCPCS Code 137

4.2.2 Medicare Reimbursement 138

4.3 The Goal of Oxygen Therapy 138

4.3.1 How To Change The Amount of Oxygen In The Air We Breathe 138

4.3.2 Oxygen Concentrator Components 139

4.3.3 Lifestyle in the Home Health Care Business 141

4.3.4 Continuous Flow Stationary Oxygen Concentrator 141

4.4 Types of Oxygen Systems 142

4.4.1 Treatment Trends. 143

4.4.2 Technological Trends. 143

4.4.3 Health Care Cost Containment Trends 143

4.4.4 Society’s Mainstreaming of People with Disabilities. 144

4.5 Standardizing The Definition Of Liter Flow Equivalents 145

4.5.1 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology 146

4.5.2 Pressure Swing Adsorption Principles 147

4.5.3 Pressure Swing Adsorption Principles 149

4.5.4 Comparison of Conventional Oxygen Concentrators and Advanced Technology Fractionators 149

4.5.5 SeQual Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF®) 151

4.5.6 Advanced Technology Fractionator 155

4.5.7 Conventional Oxygen Concentrators 155

4.5.8 Multi Bed Oxygen Concentrators 155

4.5.9 SeQual ATF Endurance Testing Status 158

4.6 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Competitive Bidding 159

4.6.1 CMS Reimbursement Codes 160

4.7 Zeolite 161

4.8 Respiratory Disease Conditions 161

4.8.1 Increased Demand Impacts Industry 162

4.8.2 Bronchiectasis 162

4.8.3 Chronic Bronchitis 163

4.8.4 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 163

4.8.5 Emphysema 164

4.8.6 Muscular Dystrophy 164

4.8.7 Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) 165

4.8.8 Asthma 166

4.9 American Lung Association 166

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