Leak Resistant Over-Wrappers Market - Trends and Segments 2017-2025

Leak resistant over-wrappers add the ability to do Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Modified Atmosphere Packaging is the unique way of extending the shelf life of the product. This technology is basically used to create the first dry package for all the industry tray sizes, and high profile means. The global food consumption habit is highly influenced by the gradual shift in preference for on-the-go food consumption. Leak resistant over-wrappers are used to create tight packages. It is also used to create leak resistant high or low profile case-ready packaging. 

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Leak resistant over-wrappers folds the sensible heat films around the product that has to be wrapped. Growing adoption of on-the-go food eating habit, especially in emerging economies, is expected to lead to growth in demand for advanced packaging technologies such as Modified Atmosphere Packaging. There the global leak resistant over-wrappers market is expected to witness sizeable demand over the forecast period. Thus, it is anticipated that the global leak resistant over-wrappers market is expected to have a positive outlook over the forecast period.  

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The leak resistant over-wrappers market is expected to witness a healthy growth because of several factors. There are several benefits associated with these machines which increases preference for them over conventional equipment. Leak resistant overwrapping machine helps in providing on-pack promotion with printed film, which enables marketing and promotional messages to be conveyed easily without any labeling or coding. 

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Leak Resistant over-wrappers offer hermetic seal and aroma control, whereas on the other side in shrink wrapping, packaging results in the waste of excess films during the wrapping process. Therefore, over time, leak resistant over-wrappers are expected to witness an increase in market share. The growth in the pharmaceutical industry across the globe is expected to accelerate the growth of the global leak resistant over-wrappers packaging market.

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