Single Yarn Twist

What's the Single Yarn Twist used for?  

Twist Tester, to determine yarn twist in single or plied yarns, quadrant type with auto stop & 

reverse for conventional or untwist/re-twist methods. 

 Twist tester offers adjustable test length up to 500mm/20 inches for S & Z twist yarns, and 

inching function helps operator to get an esteemed twist quickly. Test result in TPI / TPM is 

directly displayed on the touch screen. 

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Touch screen 

4 test methods direct counting, untwist/re-twist, 3- times untwist/re-twist method, etc. 

Length of specimen 10 ~ 500mm adjustable 

Twist speed 100 ~ 1900 rpm 

Yarn count range 1 ~ 499.9 tex 

Units TPM / TPI 

Twist range 9999 twists 

printer is offered on request 

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