Sublimation Test

What’s the Sublimation Test used for?

Scorch Tester (Sublimation Fastness tester), to determine fabrics Ironing color fastness and sublimation color fastness, and dimensional stability under hot dry conditions. Heating plate temperature and test time are adjustable, fitted with microprocessor temperature controller and the top plate with precisely controlled weight. The independent heating plate ensures controlling test temperature and thickness of sample individually. 

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Large LCD display, convenient setting and operation. 

3 pairs of heating plates, heating temperature of each upper and lower plate can be set 


Each heating plate can be set heating ON or heating OFF. 

Timer: 1 ~ 249s, automatically stops heating and alarms 

Temp. Range: R.T. ~ 240 

Temp. Accuracy: +/- 2 Deg. C 

Pressure: 4kPa+/-1kPa 

Heating temp. control mode: Individual control for each top and bottom plate 

3 stations with heating plate dimensions 120mm x 50mm 

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