Treatments For Baldness

Baldness can be classified into different categories depending on the baldness patterns. The first step in treating baldness is to perform a detailed evaluation of the scalp and analyze the causes that may be responsible for the condition. An experienced hair surgeon will first explore the possibility of any reversible medical condition that may have resulted in the baldness. If such a cause is identified, an appropriate treatment plan must be made to eliminate the root cause of the problem. If you treasured this article and you would like to obtain more info regarding Hair loss specialist kindly visit our own webpage.

However, if no specific reversible condition that may be causing baldness is identified, the doctor may recommend one of the available medical therapies or hair transplant surgery. Some of the popular FDA-approved medical treatments include Rogaine, Propecia, and low-level light treatment. Rogaine is a topical treatment that must be applied twice a day. Propecia is taken in the pill form once a day. Low-level light therapy is performed under medical supervision two times per week.

These medical treatments are successful in the short-term and manage to reverse the rapidly increasing baldness. Sometimes they may even result in new hair growth in the balding areas. However, the limitation of these therapies is that as soon as the treatment is stopped, the condition of hair loss resumes. Therefore, the only truly effective and permanent solution to the problem is baldness is hair transplant surgery. Most satisfactory results have been achieved with this surgery for a vast majority of patients who choose to undergo the procedure.

Hair transplant surgery is primarily performed in two ways, which include Follicular Hair Extraction (FUE) and Strip Hair Transplant surgery. Both procedures have their own advantages and limitations, but optimal results can be achieved in both cases. The key to success in both cases is how the hair surgeon approaches the problem and what treatment plan he or she devises to restore the patient's hair in a natural-looking way.

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