Wyzenbeek Machine Ffor Sale

What's the Wyzenbeek Machine For Sale used for? 

 Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester. Modern ergonomic design to determine the abrasion resistance 

of fabrics when rubbed against a standard abradent or a wire mesh screen with a backward 

and forward motion over a curved surface. Wyzenbeek abrasion tester applies to automotive 

and furniture industry fabric manufacturers working to US standards. Motor driven with 4 

abrasion heads and electronic digital counter to control the number of cycles. 

 A set of Suction manifolds and an Auxilliary vacuum cleaner are included, consumables are 

not included. 

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Suction manifolds to connect to auxiliary vacuum cleaner 

Sealed transmission drive for quieter operation 

Testing stations: 4 groups 

Oscillatory frequency: 90 CPM 

Oscillatory arc: 76 mm 

Dimension of sample: 245 x 73 mm 

Tension on sample: 4 lbf (17.8N), adjustable 

Load on sample: 3 lbf (13.4N), adjustable 

Consumables (Optional order) 

Rubber Pads for Wyzenbeek (pack of 8) 

Wire mesh screens for Wyzenbeek (pack of 4) 

Abradant Fabric #10 Cotton Duck – 60in x 5yds 

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